Find out what our clients and candidates have to say about Boting Executive Consulting.


 "Good find, Frank, exactly  what we were looking for!" (HR Director).


"Excellent candidate, Frank, and  recruited on so short notice, too!" (HR Director Benelux).


"Our newly-recruited Finance Director proves to be the perfect business partner and an asset to our Management Team." (CEO Benelux). 


"Her enthusiasm, drive and tenacity have moved our growth agenda greatly forward", on promoting the Operations Manager earlier recruited by Boting Executive Consulting, to Director (Country Manager The Netherlands). 


"We do expect that our new CEO in Holland will be doing a fantastic job!" (European Director).


"You have presented 4 excellent candidates to us, Frank, we will be hard put to pick the best CEO from them." (Owner fashion boutique, one of the oldest names in the branche).


"Excellent management on the part of the headhunter, great drive and enthusiasm, and lots of personal touch!" (Category Director Benelux on being recruited by Boting Executive Consulting).


 "Thanks ever so much for recruiting me, Frank, it is proving a great career opportunity for me." (Senior Operations Manager on being promoted to a director's position in Germany, 3 years after being recruited by our company). 


"He is doing so well, that the board has decided to offer him our most prestigious job, running our biggest UK Market", on promoting the CEO Benelux earlier recruited by Boting Executive Consulting (European Director).

"Four excellent candidates, Frank, and our favourite stands out as a perfect fit", on recruiting the new HR Director (CEO The Netherlands).

"Yes, we are awfully pleased with our new Director. He is doing a splendid job in one of the most difficult to fill positions in our company" (CEO Benelux).